SYN_Infracampus_3087INFRACAMPUS is an interdisciplinary project developed by Jean-Maxime Dufresne and Jean-François Prost for SYN- that explores the social realities and spatial politics of the University of Guelph campus, and proposes the campus as a potential site for experimentation. How can we engage the campus as a place for fostering new kinds of actions, social configurations and interrelations in common spaces which question their existing uses and perceptions?

Initiated in 2011, the INFRACAMPUS project has been developed in three phases by SYN- in collaboration with different individuals and groups at the University of Guelph, as well as Musagetes.

The third phase consisted of disseminating the research and knowledge produced in the first two phases of INFRACAMPUS to the broader community of students and staff at University of Guelph as well as Guelph residents, through a week-long participatory production of the INFRACAMPUS Zine in Winter 2013. Unforeseeable and exciting content associations were generated during these working sessions by editing crews of students and staff. The Zine is comprised of a series of nine color-coded booklets that each refer to a condition explored during the INFRACAMPUS project. One hundred copies were printed and will be distributed on and off campus.



Luc Lévesque a publié récemment un texte en anglais sur les pratiques de micro-intervention urbaine de SYN- et la condition interstitielle de Montréal dans le livre Urban Hybridization, une publication collective internationale dirigée par Fabrizio Zanni, du Politecnico di Milano. /  Luc Levesque recently published “Towards Hybrid and Situational Urban Spaces: Objects and Bodies as Vectors”  on SYN- urban micro-interventions and the potentials of Montreal’s interstitial condition, in the book Urban Hybridization, an international publication edited by Fabrizio Zanni of the Politecnico di Milano.

SYN- participe à la parution récente du manuel URBAN / ACT (2008), édité par l’atelier d’architecture autogérée en collaboration avec le PEPRAV(Plate-forme Européenne de Pratiques et Recherches Alternatives de la Ville). Urban / Act est une présentation d’un vaste réseau européen de pratiques qui agissent sur le territoire urbain comme un lieu de changement politique et de pratique architecturale, introduisant leurs différents projets, outils et approches de travail. Urban / Act situe, cartographie et donne un aperçu de ces pratiques urbaines interventionnistes, tel un guide d’«urbanisme do-it-yourself».

SYN-’s work is included in the recent URBAN / ACT publication (2008), a presentation of a European wide network of practices who act within the urban field as a place for political change and architectural practice, introducing their different projects, tools and methods. The compilation of practices results from numerous pan European workshops, and has recently been published in book form by atelier d’architecture autogérée. The Urban / Act book not only locates and maps the activities of numerous practices, but is structured as a manual to allow insight into the methods of interventionist urban practice, like a user guide to “do-it-yourself urbanism”.

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